Online Marketplace to Grow Your Business

The HISCEC Foundation has joined forces with the new U.S. Business Association of E-Commerce to support businesses that are interested in promoting their products and services in online marketplaces.

Online marketplaces support small businesses to grow online and stay competitive online as to cost, reach, and innovation.

For many small businesses, which are not native in online skills, online selling means an opportunity as well as a challenge. The importance of online marketplaces for small businesses is grounded in the numerous tools that they put at small businesses’ disposal to overcome competing against larger firms. Online marketplaces support small businesses by helping them:

– To get online
– To grow online
– To be competitive online concerning cost, reach and innovation
– To overcome internal market frictions and sell cross-border
– To sell from remote locations

Online marketplaces play an important role in helping small businesses to start up online. Some businesses are in small and remote communities; they can use online marketplaces to offer their products to customers around the country and the globe. Entry barriers are low and online markets provide them with the necessary tools to service domestic and global customers.

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